2013 Explorer grinding noise when turning

My new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited (5000 miles) recently started making a grinding/rubbing noise with a slight to significant braking action in the middle of turns (typically left turns, at moderate to slow speed, e.g., at stoplights) when my foot is on the accelerator, not the brake. Lasts about 1 second, happens once a day or so, typically when the car is cold. The dealer was flummoxed, tried replacing the steering gear, but the same thing happened as soon as I drove out of the lot. Apparently no codes showing on brakes or ABS. Anyone have any ideas?

The dealer may have been flummoxed but it was and still is his responsibility to repair it properly under warranty. Keep all of your copies of the shop orders and follow the resolution “chain” identified in the paperwork that came with your owner’s manual. They may send a factory rep out to look at it and do a proper diagnosis.

If you try other avenues to get the problem corrected, you just might invalidate the warranty, and you’ll certainly give the dealership someone else to blame the problem on. Stay with the warranty path on this.

Stay in touch. We do care.

thanks, I am keeping a record of events and plan to have the dealer sort this out. So far they have stepped up to the plate.