Grinding in the rear, 1993 Subaru Loyale, why oh why

The sound is very regular, and varies with speed. If I turn, it pauses and continues once there is weight back on the wheel. I pulled the hub caps and felt each wheel post and non was hotter than the other.

I am basically hoping it is not the rear differential.

Any ideas?

A couple of things come to mind. You could have a bad wheel bearing on the side making the noise, which is the most likely cause. It would allow the rotor/drum to rub on the backing plate and make all kinds of noise. You also could have a simple case of excessive rust in your brakes causing noise. The brakes themselves are another possibility, but I vote for a bad wheel bearing.

Thanks for the tip. I ended up pulling a used wheel housing from a car in the scrap yard and she has been great ever since. Oh…one thing to remember…the pressure recommendation for the bolt tightness is very important :slight_smile: