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Grinding from front wheels when turning at slow speed

hi i have a Subaru legacy rs 1996 twin turbo, about 6 months ago now i replaced both front outer CV joints and boots due to a grinding when turning at slow speed e.g a car park. the grinding had gone and its was all fine until now the same grinding as come back. its it normal for the CV joint to wear out that fast or could there be a different problem? thanks

With a 17 year old car, I think that It’s time to check the inner CV joints.

Check the strut mount. The thrust bearing may be worn. Rest your hand on the strut mounts while someone moves the wheel slowly from left to right. If the thrust bearing is failing you will feel the “grinding.”

here is a recording of me slowly driving in circles

Wheel bearing? Inner or outer? Unitized wheel bearing? Brake rotor? Worn pads? Did u use cheap parts? Budget bearings have failed in 50 miles. Parts on the Internet are easy to find and amazingly poor quality.

i decided to take the drive axle off with the inner and outer cvs attached. mechanic said they were busted already. I was sold a bad batch of outer cv joints and also they were for a forester not a legacy. changed the outers and now running fine thanks for comments.