Grindig brakes and "shift shock"

2007 Subaru Outback Limited wagon…Turbo Automatic. My brakes make a grinding noise reminding me of when I was young and didn’t replace the brake pads untill they ground groves into the rotor…lol…

The brakes make the same sound now but they,ve only got 26K miles on them and the dealer can find no explanation.I’ve made 5 trips to the dealer starting at 12K miles. The sound does not occur all the time and not only when cold or hot…and sometimes not at all. HELP!!

“shift shock” When shifting from 1st. to 2nd. I feel a bang or clunck as if the engine revs a bit before engaging. As above the dealer has no explanation and their are no codes on the TCU. This gets a bit worse as time goes on and the other day it banged twice on the same shift. The dealer has not been able to duplicate this one…they have heard the brakes though. Please help me.



Change the trans fluid and cross your fingers.

re all rotor surfaces smooth? Get a second opinion.

All that’s been done + driving with real time computer readouts for the tranny.

The brakes have been taken apart, all cleaned and re-assembled + rotors wiped(they were smooth with no “lip”)
This had no effect and the mechanic still hears the grinding.The dealer has the national Subaru techs involved.

If they are unable to solve this puzzeler do I tell(request) Subaru to give me $27K credit for a new one? :slight_smile: and what are my chances?

Thanks in advance for your time…I do listen to your show…( I know your opinion of me just tanked)

Could it happen that you have different tires on the car (circumference)so what You hear is the difference in wheel rotations chewing away on your driveline?. I hope not.

No…but that would do it…It’s a 2007 with 26K miles ,garaged kept, a real cream puff.

Can you tell which wheel is doing it, or is it non-directional?

problem one, it sounds a lot like a bad wheel bearing. This can be intermittent when one of the rollers starts to go.
problem two, sounds like the bands need to be adjusted, the filter replaced and the vacume valve replaced/cleaned. Have them also check the u-joints for wear and dried out grease. good luck.

Sounds like just the front, thanks