Gremlins under the hood!

My 2002 Acura RSX has started making a bizarre noise while idling/at low RPMs (around 1000.) It sounds like someone is under the hood playing a hollow drum, but the noise is only discernible in the car - I’ve tried running it with the hood open and don’t really hear anything. I’ve posted a link to the noise so you guys can listen for yourselves!


Sounds like some one tapping on a bongo drum to me.

exactly. but, it’s definitely coming from my car!

no takers? i figured posting a link to the noise would at least pique some interest.

If I heard correctly the noise does not seem to have a discernible pattern. Do the ac and heat controls work properly? Thinking it could be something in the climate control system.

both ac and heat work properly, and the noise is there whether they are on or off. the only thing associated with it is shifting gears from park to drive or reverse - this causes a quick run of the noise “bum bum bum bum bum” before slowing back down to the irregular baseline.