"GREEN" roadside assistance?

During one of the recent cartalk episodes, there was a mention of an underwriter that performs “GREEN” roadside assistance? is there such a thing? it sounded like a AAA or something and i just wanted to learn more about it

Maybe this is it.

Just another company using the “green” word as a sales tool.

In Mexico the state police division helping stranded motorists are known as the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes?). They are the equivalent of the AAA, but much faster and cheaper. Always have their number when you drive in Mexico.

AAA spends a lot of money lobbying for “pro-car” causes like more highway construction and resisting emissions and fuel economy standards. Better World Club provides the roadside assistance without the lobbying agenda (er… looking at their site, make that a different lobbying agenda). OK is right, though, that it’s mostly just a marketing gimmick. Most car insurance companies provide very low-cost roadside coverage that can be tacked on your regular car insurance and presumably doesn’t support “pro-car” causes either. I suppose the insurance industry also has its own lobbying agenda, but you’re already giving a ton of money to them, so what’s another 5 bucks a month?