Better World Club

Any use this roadside assistance service (advertised on this site)? Am thinking of “trading up” from AAA. I understand that waives the one-time membership fee.

Personally, I don’t understand the need for any of these services. Obviously they are making money by charging more in fees than the average person uses in a year. Why not just “pay as you go” for the rare occasions that you need a tow?

The best prices I have found for roadside assistance are through my insurance company. Its only $15/year for my auto.

I think I have one of those on my polity too, I’ve never used it though.

“Obviously they are making money by charging more in fees than the average person uses in a year. Why not just “pay as you go” for the rare occasions that you need a tow?”

I would have to guess it is worse than that. It would seem likely that the people who will buy the insurance are the ones that are most likely to need or use it, increasing the overall cost.

I can see by your names you’re all men, and probably “big and burly,” too. A little lady alone doesn’t exactly want to flag people down on the interstate to change a tire or ask the first stranger she sees in a deserted parking lot at night to jump her, uh, battery… Also don’t want to bother friends, and who else would you call? I’ve had the odd dead battery or flat tire in between boyfriends, so it’s come in handy although I agree it’s not worth the exorbitant price. Will have to look into my insurance policy.

Honestly, I’ve just called information and ask for a towing company in the area. If that doesn’t work, call the (non-emergency) police number and ask them to contact a towing company. All you really need is a cell phone and a credit card.

You don’t get roadside assistance with your insurance company, you get reimbursement for your roadside expenses. Big difference at 11:00 at night on a weekend and 10 below out, 100 miles from home, and no phone book in the car for the town you happen to be nearest to. I’m a big fan of the auto clubs for one number to call 24hrs a day and they find the service for you. I also have the insurance for reimbursement but its not the same.

I looked at that green service and it seemed less reliable and far more costly than AAA, Amoco or the other major services. I’m starting to wonder about Amoco though since it seems they may have outsourced their call center to India. When the wife needed it a while back at the airport, the person she talked to couldn’t find MINNEAPOLIS on the map.

If the “peace of mind” is worth the cost to you, you should join one of these clubs.

You have a good point. However, all you really need these days is a cell phone. If you need roadside assistance, call 911. The operators have a list of the tow services operating in your area at all times. They don’t mind, it’s their job. They will dispatch help, and likely will arrive sooner than a club service might since there may be none in your immediate area. Your insurance policy should reimburse you for the tow, assuming you have the optional coverage.

Just a thought for an alternative method. If you still prefer an auto club, I’ve no preference between AAA or Better World.

i have had Allstate motor club( this is not a plug) for many years, like 40yrs. I’m in the debating stage again. should i or should i not ? THE PRICE IS $ 114 BUT it INCLUDES ME AND MY WIFE AND ANY CAR WE ARE DRIVING we have 2 cars or anyone else’s car. There are mileage limits and so much they will pay? THERE ARE A BUNCH OF OTHER THINGS THAT GO WITH THE PACKAGE. it is a choice every year. and depending on age aarp is always sending me stuff through the mail, maybe one of these days i will change. i probably used them a handful of times, but you never know. it’s like a security blanket. good luck to you whatever your choice is. by the way i do have a cell phone and credit card

My insurance company runs 24hrs and has a 24hr # for roadside assistance.

I’m a member of CAA (Canadian Automobile Association.) I get 4 free tows a year. At $60 a tow normally, the membership pays for itself pretty quickly, especially when my family drives old cars that need towed a lot. But that’s not the primary reason I joined.

As a member of CAA, I get free tourist and travel information. I went on a road trip out west a couple years ago, and got about $200 in free maps, guides and tour books. Plus, I got 10% off many motels and attractions, as well as saved about 10% on the cost of the membership by buying gas at Husky gas stations (which happened to be cheaper anyway… and they were often the only gas station in the middle of Nowhereville, Saskatchewan.) So, I do use my CAA membership for tows, but it’s for all the other benefits that I became a member.

Yes, I know about all the “Trip Tics” and maps and little discounts here and there which I usually forget to request anyway… Basically, I just don’t want to end up having to walk down the highway at midnight!!! Driving a car with 104,000 miles, it gives one pause. I was under the impression that cops couldn’t help with things like this (too busy giving speeding tickets), although they should???
I’ve learned that there’s state-sponsored (Transportation Cabinet) help available on interstates; yay!!!

I’m a man and when I have my kids in the car there is no way I’ll flag down a motorist for help…and I still won’t buy something like AAA.

The main reason is AAA is NOT everywhere. Especially in remote areas of the country. Try getting AAA in upper Maine. Sure there may be one…but may not be close and if they have more then one call you could end up waiting hours.

I have a towing packing through my insurance company…It’s cheaper then AAA and I can use ANY towing service…NOT just AAA tow companies. So I don’t have to wait for HOURS if I need a tow.

Second reason for not using AAA…I travel a lot on some toll roads like the NY thruway. AAA is NOT allowed on these roads…only thruway authorized tow vehicles.

If you breakdown on the highway its very atypical to not have an officer stop. Basically they run a check on vehicle and occupants, any vehicle on the side of highway is a hazard to everyone. In our state you have 24hrs to move it from when a sticker is applied.