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Green Caps for Sway Bar Links?

I got new sway bar links and they came with these green plastic cap things. What are they for?! Thanks for any help. I have learned a lot from this community.

They are TTX away bar links.

These are shipping protector caps.

The intent of manufacturer seem mostly to dump more trash into the environment… more plastic which worked for few minutes and will last for generations in the landfill :frowning:


Those are greasless links.

The plastic is the wear surface of those type of links.


The green caps are to protect the threads during shipping, you can throw them away.

Thanks for the help. I was confused because they weren’t shipped with them on the links! These ones have a hole and came with fittings to insert grease. Learning some more helps! So how come OEM ones you can’t add grease to but aftermarket ones can. Are they supposed to last longer when you can add more grease to them?

That’s the idea.


Thanks! Might be a dumb question but how much torque do I put on the fitting to put it into the link? If it’s not tight enough grease can come out of the fitting while I drive?

Just snug it down, maybe 3 ft-lbs. Don’t over-do it or they will break off. They won’t leak, and if they do, it won’t matter. Water getting in is a bigger concern than grease getting out.