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Sway bar link

I have noise in front end of 07 focus. 112k miles. sway bar links seem ok. I ordered a new pair but they are not here yet. could I remove 1 link and drive car and see if noise is gone? or would the 2nd link still cause bar to move enough to make noise? just trying to figure out how the sway bar noise gets into cabin. bar has rubber bushing. if links are bad, do they really transmit enough noise thru strut into car body? my noise seems to be on hitting road irregularities like expansion joints and big cracks.

"if links are bad, do they really transmit enough noise thru strut into car body?"

Yes. I had links (sway bar to struts) go bad on a Dodge Intrepid and would get an annoying rattle in conditions like what you’ve described.

if both links are removed than bar should make zero noise. but, if i go to trouble of removing link it only takes 4 min to put in new link since i am there. why do job twice? not like i ever had to redo my work.

The end (or both ends… I think both …poor recall) of the links was/were a ball joint. That’s what wore out and got a little sloppy. They had mine in stock at Advance Auto parts. Simple to install.

there are no jacking points under motor. you lift from behind the front wheel. on pinch rail? I am not sure if the car even has a motor subframe. the motor mounts attach to something. I think

I looked at a jacking points diagram in a leading online repair manual, under 2007 Focus.
The diagram shows the standard jacking points behind the front wheels (and ahead of rear wheels) and explains that a notch in the rocker is provided (may be covered by removable cover). That must be the pinch rail, I’d guess.

I’m not sure about using front suspension sub-frame, though.

I took off 1. Car was in Idaho and Utah till 2 weeks ago. Link nuts came right off. Calipers are still gray. Don’t see that in mn. Link ends are not “tight”. But they are not trashed. I have a 1/2 block of bumpy street by my work. Real good test. See how it sounds tomorrow.