Is it worrying that "Unmitigated disaster" used to describe Tesla's recent car sales?

“Tesla sold just under 387,000 vehicles in the first quarter, down 20% from the prior quarter and 8.5% from the previous year … The final count falls short of Wall Street’s expectations for 457,000… Though analysts had been expecting a poor first quarter from the company, the figures were “an unmitigated disaster” that is “hard to explain away,” according to a note Tuesday from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives.”

Some caution is in order: It’s possible this report is just an April Fools prank.

It’s accurate.

It is not a prank, it is real. The company has been over valued and criticized for its car’s quality for quite a while. Tesla has some hard choices to make.

Some reports are speculating part of the reason is Musk himself, specifically his recent behavior is causing some car buyers to look at vendors other than Tesla.

I’d tend to discount that theory, more likely related to just the normal drop in interest for buying EV’s, now that the innovator segment of the buyers already own them.

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Not just Tesla but all the other hyped up electric vehicle manufacturers. Surprise surprise the public is not buying them up like hot cakes. It is a niche market largely in the coastal areas and not the general market, despite the government arm twisting. Even with the cost, range, limited infrastructure, I’m not convinced they are safe to park in your garage attached to your house.


Maybe the Teslerati recognize that Musk is actually naked… :rofl:

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This can’t help:
Tesla Cybertruck Owners’ Forum Is Already Full Of Tales Of Broken, Malfunctioning Cybertrucks (

True, couldn’t help. But I don’t think folks looking to buy a sedan would care very much about the purported truck’s teething problems.

Interesting how he went from favorite son status so quickly to deplorable when not supporting the narrative. Also interesting after their take down due to his “antics” the guardian asks for money to support their organization. Media clowns.

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That’s quite slanted all around. (Surprise, surprise). And Tesla’s issues are many, but some of are growing due to the antics of a certain VIP connected to the company. Arrogant and off the rails are some thoughts that comes to mind.


Once again George you are wrong. Elon Musk is such a goofball that there are many people who just don’t want to send money his direction.

The Tesla truck problems can make people be leery of the cars that have their own serious problems.


I’m not sure of your point. NPR also asks for money to support their organization as well. Do you also object to this?

Sales for vehicles of all types will plummet for the simple reason that fewer and fewer people have the ability and the desire to pay current prices. Even people with higher incomes are cutting back now. Only the ultra-wealthy are still spending like nothing has changed.

Just for the record I would not give a dime to npr and would pull their public funding. Just
Thought it was humorous that they rip Elon for opening up twitter to all comments but then ask for money to continue their slanted journalism.

I gotta go work on my k-1 though to pay my fair share. See ya.

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Other news reports about the declining EV sales numbers say the hybrid market remains strong.
Buyers who aren’t 100% sold on the EV concept still like the fuel economy and are just moving their EV interest to EV cars also using a gasoline engine as backup; i.e. hybrids. Are you thinking even hybrid sales will decline soon?

The Lexus RZ 450e has been on the market for 12 months, starting at $63,000.

Used RZ 450e vehicles can already be found with less than 3000 miles for under $45,000. Seems buyers didn’t enjoy the short EV driving range.

The less expensive RZ 300e has arrived in large numbers, I haven’t seen any customer interest in these.


A civic was $20k in 2015. It’s $25k today. I don’t think that’s crazy.

Elon Musk is a visionary, someone who pushes the boundaries, kind of like Thomas Edison. Having said that… he desperately needs a “handler”. Someone who will tell him “no”, or at least get him to reconsider some of his ideas. Like buying and running Twitter, for example.

I think it’s commendable that Elon created an entirely new car company, by sheer will, that got GM/Ford’s attention. That’s no small feat. On the other hand…I’d be reluctant to buy a Tesla due to issues of quality and repairability. I’m interested in an EV one day, but I do find the repair options, parts, and quality of the Ford/GM/Toyotas of the world a little more appealing.

Just my two cents.


First of all, base MSRP is $25,995, so $26k, not $25k. Second, dealers seldom offer base-model versions, and usually order cars with lots of profitable add-on features. Good luck finding one for sale for anywhere close to MSRP (base-model or otherwise) because dealers around here are charging so-called “market adjustments” above MSRP, plus tax and DOC fees.

I would say that the cheapest Honda Civic you could actually buy is around $30k out-the-door, and even that might be hard to find. I don’t know about you, but my wages have NOT increased by 50% from 2015 to now. Have yours?


Thank you NPR for Car Talk! If all funding was pulled from NPR then I’d have to send them twenty bucks a year to make up for it. Tesla? Somebody will make a fortune by selling grille decals for the “blank stare” front end on those things. It’s a decal! It’s a wrap! Noooo! It’s a Lee Press On Bumper!