Grease Suction Gun/Pan Survey

Hi guys, I’m going to develop some grease suction guns and pans just like the pictures below. Does these stuff commonly used in the US? As well as the normal size and capacity of barrels?
Thanks for the help here!

I am not sure what you are asking, or why the need for this item exists. I need more info!

Looks like a “Grease Follower Plate” to me.

Hi, I want to know the normal size of grease barrel in USA. Normal capacity people usually use. As well as the diameter of the barrel. Pan size design will according to the barrel size. Thanks for the help again!

Correct. Concept is like that.

If I understand correctly, in US we typically have 55 gallon drums for oil coolant and grease in shop applications. Stolen from the internet " Standard drums have inside dimensions of 22.5 inches ( 572 mm ) diameter and 33.5 inches ( 851 mm ) height. These dimensions yield a volume of about 13,320 cubic inches (6.19 bushels) or 57.66 US gallons (48.0 imp gal; 218.3 L), but they are commonly filled to about 200 litres.Feb 20, 2017"

Not sure what others use, I just use a lever action grease gun and disposable cartridges now, None of my cars have any grease fittings.

Thanks. That’s also helpful! And do you have any idea about the small size? Some people told me that pre-loaded 16 ounce tubes, or in five gallon pails is commom. That’s right?

Thanks for the help. Does five gallon pails is common in USA?

Common sizes and inside diameter

55 Gallon = 22 1/2"
30 Gallon = 18 3/8"
16 Gallon = 14"

Straight sided Pails/Buckets
7, 5, 3 Gallon = 10 7/8"

Thanks a lot! That’s helpful!

Same here…however my lawnmower and snow-blower have zerks. My 05 4runner had ONE zerk. It was on the driveshaft