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Grease spots on my 2010 Tundra

After I wash my white Tundra 4wd and drive it, I can see fleck of gray grease on the front panels and doors on both sides. I think it is coming from the wheels. How can I stop this?

Is there grease around the front hubs? There shouldn’t be any grease visible. It’s not tar from the road being flipped up from the tires, is it?

Like the previous answer…I think the oil/grease is coming from the roadway.

Maybe the front half-shaft boots need to be checked…

I’m with caddyman. It sounds like the outer boots may be torn and the CV joint grease is being thrown out. When you check the boots, be sure to push them back and forth and, with a good worklight, check between the folds. The folds is where they flex and usually fail.

Do you use a tire treatment? That might get flung off. But the above are more likely.