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Grease on my left leg, a real puzzler

I have a 1999 Camry with 85k miles. Recently, when I have been driving it, I noticed that grease is getting on the calf of my left leg. How is this possible and what needs to be done to fix this problem? Adjusting the seat is done manually. I don’t understand how this can be happening. I looked under my seat and can not find the source. Thanks in advance for the answer.

My first guess would be some leak from the dash. Look under the steering/dash area and touch each item one by one. Also check the carpet and wherever you see “grease” look up.

have you had it in the shop for some repairs or maintenance lately (since this grease started appearing?)

look on the front of the seat cushion. under the bead, which forms the transition from flat to vertical. possibly a mech got it greasy, and you keep mysteriously wiping it on yourself.

as an alternative, look at the door latch mechanism. if that is greasy you may be brushing against it.

by chance the last time or so it was in for work did you complain about door squeaking? maybe they greased the door and you are gliding by and getting it on you.

I checked the dash and could not find any leak. The carpet is moist but I thought that it was from rainfall water from my feet which I have had for a while. Also, there is evidence of some grease spots. I did look up but the ceiling appears to be fine.

I have not had it in the shop lately. But I did check the door latch and under the bead and could not find anything.