Black sooty greasy deposit on front wheels

I don’t know if anyone has encountered a problem like this, but I have a buildup of oily, soot like grease building up on both front wheels of my 2000 Dodge Dacota PU. When I got the truck about 18 months back, I didn’t notice whether this deposit was present. If it was, it was very small. I cleaned it off once, but it is building up again.

Q.- Is this a problem with the front disc brakes? Is it a safety issue? Currently, the PU brakes fine, no pulling, or sounds.

Are you sure it is grease and not just brake dust.

Something is leaking grease or oil and it’s mixing with the brake dust. Ball joint boots broken?

Interesting. DIdn’t think of that. Probably because the there are no grease fittings, so I just put it out of sight & out of mind. WIll check that. Thanks. And to the earlier reply, the deposits are defintely greasy.

Also, check the seals for the wheel bearings. This being 8 years old, maybe the seals are worn or damaged, and letting wheel bearing grease escape.