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Grand Marquis

I bought used Grand Marquis and would appreciate your help in the following:

1. Does the fuel tank door lock? The tank cap has no lock/key and the door does not seem to lock when all doors are locked.

2. Low-pitched whistle sound comes from the engine or under the bonnet, only when gas is pumped into the engine (i.e. pressing gas pedal or driving with cruise control). What could be the cause of this sound?

Thank you for your help and for sharing your thoughts…

  1. It depends on the year of your Grand Marquis. Some years have remote release locking fuel doors, and other years don’t. You can always add a locking gas cap if it bothers you.

  2. It could be a lot of things, but I’d check for an exhaust leak or vacuum leak first.

model year, mileage?? The ones that have a locking fuel door have a little release button on the drivers door panel next to the trunk release button…

Many thanks for your replies.
To clarify… year is 2009 and has 25K mileage, fleet prior use.

I’m also having a couple of issues:

  1. the rear window has cracks/chipped glass at the very bottom corners! Carfax is totally clean, any speculations of how this could have happened?

  2. I’m having the rumble-strips effect when moving up hills (similar to the description posted under the 2002 Grand marquis thread). I feel that this might be caused by the rear suspensions or tires. I have also noticed that tires have various lead weights (all tires are new!)… would appreciate your feedback on this.

Thanks again,

A better forum for you would be

If the rear window has ANY real cracks, it will soon be one big crack as it is tempered glass. My guess is you’re not seeing cracks.

Carfax is not infallible when it comes to prior accidents. If it was a fleet car it could have had an accident on the parking lot at the fleet’s office that was never reported to the police or an insurance company. If there was no report, there will be nothing on Carfax. Save your money.

Weights on tires are normal. Without them the tires would be out of balance. Have you never looked at tires before?