Grand Cherokee with Brake problem/ shaking under 45 mph

I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee and since I bought the car used the rear right brake has squealed despite having the breaks replaced and serviced twice. I have had the car for less than a year. Recently I have noticed a bit of a shake/thud while I’m driving at speeds lower than 45mph. It almost feels like I have a flat tire, despite all of my tires being properly inflated. I do not have to be pressing the brake to feel the shake, however I do feel the vibrations in the brake pedal. Any idea what could be the problem and could it be dangerous?

Sounds like you have a binding rear brake caliper…I AM taking a leap of faith here and totally assuming that you DO have a rear caliper…and not rear drums. But methinks the Grand Cherokee did have 4 wheel disc brakes… If so, its that right rear caliper…

DO THIS…go for a longish drive…get the noise to occur and that feeling in the brake pedal… Then stop get out and FEEL your rims/wheels…is the right rear Hot? Or is it at least higher in temp than your left rear? If so this is further proof of a binding caliper


Thanks, you are correct the Grd Cherokee does have 4 wheel disk brakes. I will try your suggestion this afternoon. Supposing I do find that you are correct and I have a binding caliper, is that something I need to get fixed right away? Thanks again and don’t forget don’t drive like my brother!

If it binds, get that fixed as soon as possible. It is like someone steps on the brake, but only for that one wheel. That’s not a good condition to have.
He’ll likely replace the caliper, maybe turn the rotor but possibly replace it and do a brake job on both rear wheels, if that is the case.

It could be wheel related as well, though. I’ve had a bad tire that had a manufacture defect do that to me.
Could also be that one or more rotor is warped.