2000 Jeep Cherokee Brakes

I have been having an issue with my brakes, when I am going 40 or faster and especially downhill my Jeep shakes horribly when I brake. I have had the brakes looked at several times, it seems to always be the rotors but it happens after maybe a 1,000 miles after new or turned rotors. I have owned the Jeep for over 3 years and it only started doing this about 18 months ago. Any similar experiences or suggestions for a permanent fix?

You probably have a restriction in your hydraulic system or a seized or sticking caliper. Brake hose restrictions are a commonly missed problem that will cause this to happen. Any decent shop should be able to solve this problem. If the calipers prove good, your hoses probably need replaced. This should put an end to this too-long-tolerated (and expensive, no doubt) problem.

I have a Cherokee as well, and these brakes get HOT! Heat = warped rotors.

I like the suggestion that it could be a caliper or hydraulic issue.

When I replaced mine, I didn’t use the cheapo rotors, I got ones that could handle and dissipate heat better. They can get expensive, you don’t need the super expensive racing brakes, just better than cheapo.

Good Luck!

Thank you! I will make sure they check all of theses things!

Thanks! Have you heard of cast iron rotors? There was one mention on the internet about Jeeps and this problem and that as a possible fix?