Grand Am Dash Lights

When accelerating slowly from a stop and in warm weather, 3 dash lights come on simulataneously with the ding,ding,ding. “Service vehicle soon”, “Trac Off”, and “ABS”. Resets only with restart. Does not happen during winter months. Dealer cannot find a problem; no error message recorded on the computer. Very irritating. Does not happen when vehicle is traveling; only from a stop. Any ideas would be appreicated.

Chances are your having a fault in the ABS Module, which also has the traction control functions and interacts with the engine and transmission through the ECM. Check the fuses for the ECM to find out why the ECM memory will not hold the diagnostic trouble code (DTC). Anytime the Service Engine Soon light goes on, a DTC is set. Even if the conditions correct themselves, the memory should hold the DTC. I suspect the DTC will be a bus controller error with the ABS module, which is generally an ABS module fault. But, this is just a guess.

Thank you so much for your ‘best guess’, it’s a lot more than I’ve ever gotten before. Now I will be looking for someone I can trust to check this out and see if we can finally get these dash lights to calm down. I assume from your comments that having these lights come on almost daily is not an issue or concern for the car. I do try and not drive too far before restarting to clear the error.
I do appreciate you responding so quickly to my question.

I would suspect the trouble is just due to a faulty connection somewhere. Another area of fault may be with connection to one of the wheel sensors.