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Dash lights - computer code

I have an '04 Chev. Trailblazer with an intermittent dash light problem. Both the ABS and Air Bag lights come on at the same time and remain on for several days. There are no codes stored in the computer. After a few days they go out. A few days later they will come back on - still no codes. This has been going on for several months. Any ideas?

I suggest you check a wiring diagram to see if those systems have a common power source to them. The power to them may be being interrupted somehow. Since the computer stores codes only for engine related problems those areas won’t have any function in it.

Take it to a GM dealer when the lights are ON…Good Luck…

These might be coming on because of low voltage to the modules. Have the alternator output checked. Check the power at the ABS and Air Bag module. The ABS and Air Bag modules will need to be scanned with scanners dedicated to them. An engine scanner, usually, doesn’t have that capability.