GPS warranties

Does it make sense to buy a GPS warranty? I spent $225 at Radio Shack for a Garmin Nuvi 2500 and I have 2 weeks left to make up my mind to buy a 3 year warranty for $60. Includes battery replacement. I only use it when I travel to new places maybe once a month. How long does the battery last? Forgot to ask how much for a battery. I expect in a year or 2 I will give to the kids and buy better.

I have a Garmin Rhino that has been backpacking, dropped into swamps, off of ATV, left in the sun, and generally beat badly. Seven years with no problems. I don’t know how well the Nuvi’s are made but 25% extra cost is way over anything I would even consider.

Those warranties are a huge money maker for Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. Much more taken in than paid out. So it’s not worth it.

NO! Extended warranties never make sense. Check Consumer Reports if you don’t believe me.

We have a Garmin and its totally bullet-proof. They will bug you with an extended warranty, but 4 years after purchase there will be a better model for less money. Don’t buy it. The typical “payout” on these warranties is about 10%.

Not when it costs over 25% of a new one. Warranty three things and you can’t afford a fourth thing.