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Aftermarket GPS for 2015 Honda Pilot

I recently purchased a 2015 Pilot EX, is there an aftermarket GPS system that can be added to use with the in-dash screen rather than using my iphone or my Tom-Tom GPS? Thanks for your help.

Not worth the expense but if you insist start calling after market vehicle stereo shops in your area.

Yes but $$$$ and a lot of work, and then you have to make sure you update it. Your iphone is super with google maps or waze, both free and always up to date.

Go to

There are aftermarket systems with built in GPS for under $300.

While I prefer the 7.5 inch screen on my in-dash GPS, there have been times when I have used both Waze and Google Maps.

I have found Waze to be flawless, but I have had so many instances of mis-direction from Google Maps that I refuse to use it again. On one occasion, it directed me to cross active RR tracks in a place where there was no vehicular crossing, on another occasion when I was looking for a state park, it sent me to a cemetery in a totally different town, and there have been other–albeit less dramatic–Google Maps screw-ups.