Gov. Judd Gregg's humorous letter to the Tappett Bros

Does anyone have a copy of the humorous letter then-NH-governor Judd Gregg sent to the Brothers? It’s a riot and I’d love to see it again. Thanks.

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It might be somewhere in here, most of them are.

Many thank for the tip. Unfortunately Gregg’s letter predates this archive. Too bad, it really was funny.

Thanks again!

It’s possible the letter was on one the shows that was repeated.
Many of the shows from the early 2000’s are repeats and all shows after Nov. 2014 (when Tommy passed away) are repeats.

Still no luck. But again, many thanks.

There is something here on the 3rd column of page 38. It’s a few pages of humorous commentary on Click & Clack.

I don’t know if that snipit is what Tom/Ray read on their program.

Thanks Joe,

Actually I had seen this during a search.

The letter to the Brothers was written back in the late '90s when Gregg was the NH governor. The Brothers had made some disparaging remarks (in jest) about NH. Gregg responded with a truly funny letter dumping on all the states surrounding NH. “Take Vermont: Look at a map. Clearly the state is upside down”.