Got rear ended by uninsured driver in Texas. What can I do?


@TwinTurbo I do apply it to the collision I carry on the vehicles we presently own. We have $1000 deductible. Back in 1970 when my wife and I were in graduate school, $1000 had much more purchasing power than it does today. We made enough to live on from the stipends from our graduate assistantships. We had our savings and an emergency fund of 1500 back then. Our 1965 Rambler was worth at most 700 and probably less. There was no need to carry collision on that car.
I need to be insured against big losses or financial ruin. I will absorb the small stuff.
Insurance companies give discounts for deductible because it saves paperwork. For example, my radio antenna was snapped off my Rambler while I was in graduate school. I bought a new antenna for $4.95 and installed it myself in 15 minutes. Had I gone to the comprehensive part of my insurance, it would have been recorded as a claim. I would have spent half an hour at least filing a claim. I would have had to take the car to some shop for a new antenna, which would involve more time. When I was a student, I didn’t have time to spare. I had fellow graduate students on the program I was on who started a year before I enrolled and were still there after I finished my degree.


I agree with your point…

Would you believe the percentage is closer to 7.0%, nationally? And because it’s an average the number could be lower, higher, way lower, or way higher depending on one’s particular locale. Some people go to extraordinary lengths to avoid having to purchase insurance, whether required by law or not.

At one time, in the city of Detroit, I believe it was closer to 50%. There were contact people who would help folks circumnavigate the insurance requirement. I’m not sure what that statistic is now.


I’m not the one who made the .1% claim. But yes I agree…

There’s a lot of people in NH who don’t have insurance because it’s not required. “Live Free or Die”. And then there’s the people who are under insured. These insurance companies are even advertising in MA about cheap insurance to cover the minimum liability.