Fender Fix After Car Accident/Auto Claim

Hi all!
I got into my first car accident recently. I was at a yield sign and I did yield, looked both ways several times and then proceeded (no cars were coming). After I proceeded I was about half way to 3/4 of the way through the intersection and some hit my right rear fender. Freaked out, I pulled over to the side of the road and looked at the damage done to my car. You could say I was freaking out. I saw the person who hit me drive past and my first thought was, “oh great, it’s going to be a hit and run”. Thankfully, the person came back and I gave them all of my information and they proceeded to tell me that that they didn’t want to contact the police and our insurances would solve it. The person who hit me had a white car and where their car hit mine there’s now a black spot. I thought that that was a little unusual along with the fact that the only information that I had gotten out of them was a name and phone number. My questions are: what are your thoughts of whose fault the accident will be deemed and also, about how much do you think it will cost to repair my fender?
Thank you!

You didn’t exchange insurance information?

If you don’t want the police involved, then you exchange insurance information.

Did you at least write down the other vehicles license plate number?

Did you consider that the other driver might not have auto insurance?


"I got into my first car accident recently."
First car accident? You’re contemplating a second accident?

Any idea what direction the other car came from?


Get your insurance company involved ASAP. Without more detail there is no way to determine fault or the cost. You won’t be able to put enough info here to give a conclusion. Tester makes a strong point in that the other drive may not have insurance. You pay for insurance, now let them handle this

I’ve always taught my kids to always call the cops and get a police report, no matter how small the accident and no matter what the other driver tells them.

But it’s too late for that now. Get the insurance company involved, file a police report, and hope for the best.

Since you got hit from the rear, that would probably be seen in your favor. If you posted a photo of the damage folks here could probably come up with a ballpark estimate.

You are missing his insurance information which may be lacking and why he did not call police. Moving forward get a least plate #, description of vehicle(make/model), name, number and most importantly insurance.

Hopefully the # works and the name is real.

If you were hit on the side of the rear fender and you had a yield sign you will probably be found at fault unless you can prove the other vehicle was driving in excess of the speed limit. I think you may have gotten ripped off by somebody who has no insurance- why else would they not produce insurance info? Did you at least confirm their identity by asking to see their license? If not- you may as well tear the piece of paper up and forget about it. :frowning:

I’m afraid you did some things wrong here. If this ever happens again, quickly take pictures of the scene before moving the cars if possible, get the other driver’s insurance information from their insurance card and their license plate number, and get a police report. In at least some states, a police report is legally required if the damage exceeds a certain value or if anyone is injured. If you plan to use your insurance, then also contact your insurance company immediately.

As for this incident, it’s not clear to me if you hope to use your insurance or not. Without a picture of your car now, we can’t even begin to guess if the damage exceeds your deductible. However, given that you’d be contacting them long after the fact with barely any information, you might have some issues even getting your insurance company to handle this in the first place, so I wish you luck.

Always get the cops involved. You do not want it to be your word against the other guy’s if his insurance company balks at paying you.

You didn’t say where the guy who hit you was coming from, but if he was on the road that you were supposed to yield to, then it’s your fault unless he was speeding fast enough that you could not be expected to see him from the yield sign.

Whether it’s your fault or not, you’re probably going to end up on the hook for it since there is no police report and he gave you only a (likely fake) name/number.