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Car insurance claim question

My car was rear-ended by a young lady driving a big car last week. I was waiting at a traffic light when this happened. She said she was sick and not paying attention. I got her phone #, name, and insurance info.

I went to the body shop today to get the car checked, and they discovered a bent “frame rail” on the right side of the car and quoted a hefty price for the fix.

I let the other party’s insurance company know. In the meantime, they had told their insurance company that they had merely ‘tapped’ my car and could not have caused any damage.

But the other car’s number plate is impressed on my car’s rear bumper and the bent rail is for real.

Can they get out of compensating me for my damage? Is there anything I can do to make my case very clear?

I Believe This Is Why People Get A “Police Report” When Involved In A Collision.

Also, in my state the insurance company would insist on having one.

Otherwise it’s a “he said”, “she said” situation. The police are good at interviewing and reconstructing the collision.

I’d call the police agency that has jurisdiction in the area of the collision and see how to proceed and your insurance agent should be able to help, also.


Thank you! I have already spoken to my agent, and they sound helpful. I will now speak to the police as well.

You Are Very Welcome ! I Hope Things Go Well !

Please let us know what happens.