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Good oil cheap

The Mobil 1 rebate is on now. You can get a $12 rebate on each of up to 2 jugs (5qt each) of synthetic, making it quite a deal. I do not work for Mobil.


Exxon? lol

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll make sure I get some. That’s an excellent price.

They seem to run that promotion every year, In past years if you bought one of their oil filters on the same receipt you can get a few bucks more back in the rebate. Comes in handy when I change the oil on my mom’s CLK 430, as it holds about 8.5 quarts.

I already got mine as I announced on a thread where my $30 oil change cost was questioned as unrealistic. Heh heh. At participating retailers though. Walmart doesn’t have the rebate forms and have no idea what you are talking about when you ask them so I go to the farm store.

You can get the rebate forms online on the Mobil site–and print them.

That didn’t work for me last year. You can apply on line and then you have to scan your receipts and attach them to the electronic form. Maybe they changed it now or I didn’t know what I was doing.