Good news for Ford stockholders

… but not necessarily for its employees:

Ford Motor Co. (F) shares are trading higher by +7.05% in the premarket after the carmaker crushed EPS and Revenue estimates by +52.01% and +15.58% respectively. Ford reiterated full year guidance and announced job cuts which will allow it to put more resources into its EV efforts. Dividend yield: 4.55%. Potential average analyst target upside: +24.7%.

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Yay, My Ford stock just gained a bit! The dividends are what has been keeping it in my portfolio.

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I bought a couple hundred shares of Ford stock in 2008, at the height of that Recession, and I got my shares for just a hair over $8/share. Ergo, a bargain, especially in light of the dividends that I collected over the next several years.

However, about 8 years later, when their stock was in the doldrums and things didn’t look too rosy for the company, I sold it for only a slight profit. Obviously, if I had held it longer it would have gotten back to a much better price point, but as the old saying tells us… Timing is everything.


And you cant time the markets either

Warren buffets “ Be greedy when people are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy”. Would of played out there.

Loving these EV companies tho, made record profits on my energy investments in last 4 years. Hopefully battery powered robots are soon to come.