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Good dog car

I have 2 Nordic dogs (akitas) and need a large furry dog, vomit friendly car that elderly canines can assess… Our current ?dogmobile? is one I purchased new in 1991, a 2 door Accord. It needs $1000 to pass inspection. We are toying with another car. It is driven less than 3,000 mi/year. We might drive it more if it was a fun car to drive. Vans not good as we have to block the door so both dogs don?t run out which is why the 2 door works well (they can?t fit at the same time!). I like the clam shell of the ugly Element BUT, the element is not environmentally friendly, (gas mileage horrible). I would not feel good about that. Especially since my husband?s major was environmental sciences.

Sorry to be negative but your demands are mixed too much so I, for one, will not jump through this hoop.

Go shopping!

So, what’s your question?


1k would not go far towards a replacement vehicle.

My dad’s 1972 International Scout II.
Vinyl seats, rubber floor mats.
You could just hose it down after anything.

These days basic Jeeps can be hosed down . They even have removeable plugs in the floor to let the water out.

See if you can find a Honda Element in your price range anyway. You’re asking for a car that doesn’t exist, so you’re gonna have to drop at least one of your requirements, and 24mpg isn’t bad for a large-dog-friendly car. The interior is cleanable with a garden hose - - rubber floor, etc. It’s designed for people who will mess up the interior a lot.

Can the dogs fit in a station wagon or hatchback? The Fit and Jetta Sportwagon are fun to drive. The Jetta comes in an efficient and eco-friendly TDI diesel version.

Get A “Dog Lovers” Car.

As Shadowfax pointed out, a Honda Element could be your choice.

A special edition element is available. It’s made just for dogs who frequently puke, relieve themselves, and pass gas. Here’s a link to a review.

By the way, if your husband majored in environmental sciences, why would that make you feel bad about less than ideal gas mileage ? The oil companies employ a good deal of these blokes and others to produce more oil at a time of high unemployment in the country.

Since you’re looking to be environmentally friendly ? Why not just get rid of the dogs or at least one of them, instead of buying a car for them. They can’t be helping the evironment (all that food, poop, CO2, etcetera) , can they ? With your concern, why in the world do you have 2 dogs in the first place ?


The Dogs Would Probably Fit In A Fit And I’m Sure They’d Find It Fun To Drive, Although Risky, But That Still Leaves The Owners Looking For Something To Drive, Requiring 2 Cars.


Ah the hypocrisy of the enviromental, your current car is rated for 20 MPG city and 26 on the highway. The Element is rated for 20 MPG city and 25 MPG highway. You know what else, the Element produces at least 50% fewer emissions than your 20 year old Accord does. Of course it’s going to be more green to keep your jalopy on the road. But if you need a new car, you’d be hard pressed to find a more environmentally friendly vehicle that’s also great for dogs. I think you’ve been grossly misinformed about the Element, logically it’s an ideal vehicle for your needs.