Honda . . . Going To The Dogs ? . . . For $995?

First, let me say there are no Hondas around where I live. The nearest dealer is several hours away. I know virtually nothing about them.

Next, let me say that I don’t do dogs. I’ve got nothing against them (except vicious ones). I grew up with dogs. They just don’t fit our present situation.

Here’s the deal. We get people on this site from time to time inquiring about which vehicles work out best to haul dogs.

I saw this 2010 Honda Element review, in the Detroit News, and its special “dog accessory package” and I thought I’d throw it up here for anybody interested.


Oh, Remember Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers)in the Pink Panther ? Just for a laugh, here’s the dog clip.



I think it’s called, going with the flow. I’ve mentioned on several posts that the state police canine crew in our state use the Element, light bar and all. When so many buyers use a car for a purpose, why not promote it to the rest of the public. Good move on their part though personally, if I were a dog owner I’d take it as is w/o the option.

I read something about it and the review was from a dog owner. From what it said it is a good idea but not real practical, buy the car without it.

a $1000 extra…there’s got to be cheaper way to make sure your dog is safe.

I have a bit of an aversion, not to dogs, but to people who can’t make a move in life without hauling their flea-bitten mongrel with them.

My bad attitude comes from having to service a few cars that belonged to dog owners and the smell (which apparently the owners are oblivious to) would gag a maggot.

One of the cars in question was a 6 month old, top of the line SAAB that belonged to a pediatrician of all people. This guy had 2 wolfhounds he carried around all of the time with the rear seat folded down. This car was full of dog hair, feces, and urine and this medical doctor would get out of this thing and go to work in the Childrens Hospital.

It was so bad that when it came in I refused to even sit in the seat. The shifter was put into neutral, key to the ON position, and several of us would push it into the shop.
Yes, it really was that bad as I discovered the first time it was in for service and I happily plopped myself into the seat with the intention of driving it into the shop.
The first time was also the last time I drove it and neither the service writers or service manager would drive it either.
Got a complaint that requires a road test? Take it to a dealer in another city.

I know what you mean. I can usually walk into someone’s house and tell that they have a dog just by the smell.

I agree with you OK. The mistake people often make is assuming that dogs and other animals think like humans and have the same desires.
Dogs are den dwelling animals. It’s not in their nature to do a lot of traveling or encounter lots of strangers. For many thousands of years they only went out to scavenge or hunt.