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Good deal for a 2018 Avalon?

What do you guys think of a used 2018 Toyota Avalon XLE? Should I buy one? I heard it shares the same platform as the Lexus ES. Is this a reliable car? I know Mr. Kilmer on YouTube channel will say yes. But, I would like to hear from you, actual Avalon owners. Thanks! God Bless All!

Do you not wonder why a 2018 is back on the lot this soon ?
And it does not matter what you heard or what platform shares it has.
If you must have this ( I wonder why you don’t find something new with full warranty in your price range ) have a shop look at it for any red flags. Also a Carfax report ( which only has what is reported ) might show something that might make you look elsewhere.

If the car was previouly leased, sure, great car to buy. Go for it. It will last you a long time and buying it 2 years old with some warranty left is a stone cold bargain.

Thanks for your comment. The one I saw was a former rental, and is being sold by the rental company. With 30K miles on the dash. It looks and drives just like new. The rental company offered it for a great price, Pretty much the same price if I were to buy a used 2018 Camry. They also offered one year warranty with the car. I had bought many new and used cars in my life. Just never had bought any prior rental one. Not sure if I want to pass this one up.

I bought one used rental car and so did my father in law. Both gave many years of service with only a normal amount of repairs. Both cars were eventually junked because of rust, not any mechanical issues. Both were considerably cheaper than buying as a used car from a new car dealer.

I only stopped buying rentals because I buy new cars now. Buying used saves money, but if you do it right it is a lot of work.

Thanks for your input! It helps. I’m going to bring my mechanic along to test drive the car.
All the best!

You might want to see the service records for the car to see if it’s been given some care.

The main problem with rentals is that a lot of people buy the optional insurance and then beat the hell out of the car simply because they can. It can be hard to tell if it was abused in this way or not. If you’re willing to take the risk, then yes the Avalon is a generally reliable car.

While it does share its platform with the Lexus ES, that doesn’t mean a whole lot – Lexus uses the Avalon platform, not the other way around. You aren’t getting a better chassis because Lexus uses it, the Lexus buyer is getting an Avalon with significant luxury upgrades. :wink:

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Go ahead and buy it if the price is right.

It would make more sense to take the vehicle to your mechanic and pay him to really look the vehicle over for problems . He also might be able to check an online service to see if it has had reported repairs. If he just rides along all he will know is that it seems to run fine.

i have a 2013 avalon hybrid and it has had no mechanical issues at all with 90k on it. Rentals don’t get babied, though, and i would have a good mechanic check it out first. Good luck!

Either off lease or from a rental car.

The Avalon, Camry Lexus ES-350 all share the same platform. They are all excellent reliable vehicles. But as with any used vehicle - maintenance is key. Was it well maintained?

Same platform, but it’s stretched for the ES and the Avalon.

Just looking for a major headache

?? “major headache”?? Why so? We bought a rental Forester 12 years ago, still going strong.

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True…but drive-train and other parts are completely interchangeable. No matter what platform they are all very reliable vehicles.

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What is that supposed to mean ? Seriously , why would you be looking for a major headache ?

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I guess you drove it. I find the Avalon and Camry driver’s seat uncomfortable for anything longer than a 20 minute drive. The seat may fit you better. I looked at a 2017, and they should be very similar. If not for the seat comfort, I may have bought the car.

Thanks everyone for all your help!
I picked up a Camry LE from the airport in San Francisco as my rental when I visited my friend there no too long ago. My goodness, that thing drove like a dream. Toyota is little shy while proclaiming the gas mileage. It did well over 30 MPG, even with the rough terrain SF has.The Camry is a gas saver. The Avalon certainly has more power. I like both cars. If I don’t buy a used Avalon, I may go buy a new Camry SE then.

That would be my choice over any used vehicle. Almost no miles - 3 year bumper to bumper warranty - slightly better fuel mileage - plus you will know the complete service history since you and your family will be the only ones involved.

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