Used cars

In looking for a used Toyota Avalon, I found several that were below others by several thousand dollars. All were close to the others in other respects, but a couple were noted as having been rentals. With the same mileage and condition, does anybody see any obvious problems in buying a car that had been owned by a rental company? Would appreciate your input and thoughts. Thank you.

If you are not really mechanically inclined pay the bucks for a car inspection.

When it comes to used cars all bets are off and agreed that an inspection before any purchase would help.
Keep in mind that even the finest of inspections by the best of mechanics is no guarantee that you will get a problem free ride. It does help swing the odds into your favor a bit.

A rental car is a coin flip just like all the rest. Unfortunately.

Any maintenance records available on the rentals? They can be maintained better than random used cars. And Avalons wouldn’t be driven especially hard. But get it inspected.

I once bought an ex-rental from Hertz. Had 36K. The price was not great, not lousy, just about right. No pressure at all from the salesman.

There were a few cigarette burns. Oh well.

Warped front rotors. Replaced by Hertz at their cost.
Missing cigarette lighter. Also covered by Hertz. I don’t even smoke!

After that, it was one of the most boring and reliable cars I’ve ever had. I stopped driving it years ago, but my brother now drives it. It’s never failed to start and it’s never left anyone stranded. It’s never needed any expensive parts. He plans to drive it until the wheels fall off!

The new ones with all the good stuff are $41,000 so I see nothing wrong with a used one from a rental career. That new one did look good and would be even better as a gift. Reminded me of a whale shark.

What Model-Years Are You Looking At And How Many Miles On Them ?

I have purchased many used cars. I usually purchase Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are not very old (one model-year and less than 18 months with fewer than 12,000 miles).

I generally save 1/3 to 1/2 of the cars’ original sticker price and get fantastic manufacturer’s warranty coverage. On the last vehicle, my warranty was extended and was better than if I had purchased the car new.

Most of the cars are sold as “program cars.” Some are employee vehicles, rental cars, and lease turn-ins. Years back I’d have to do my own research to try and discover a car’s former life. Now, every dealer hands me a Car-Fax listing registrations. Almost all the vehicles have been rental cars. I only use this feature of the Car-Fax report, only previous registrations.

I really don’t understand your statement about being priced lower because it was a rental. I’ve never had that enter into pricing any used car I’ve shopped/purchased and the seller(s) never volunteer any information other than CPO or CPO program car.

Any previously owned car carries a risk and if you don’t know cars you’ll need a professional to inspect it. I don’t trust that it’s done prior to certifiying. I buy CPO for the warranty after thoroughly checking the car.

I don’t buy any car with a hint of repaired collision damage. Warranty coverage will not cover botched repairs or problems arising from body or under carriage repairs that are not normal wear and tear. Again, if you don’t know what you’re looking at then get a professional.

I have purched new cars and used cars. I have never had a problem with any CPO vehicle and they go 250,000 to 300,000 miles until the rust gets them. One has to do their homework.