Good buy 2011 Chevy Camaro as with these mods

Looking at a 2011 Chevy Camaro SS with a manual and it has these for mods
Texas speed stage 3 cam
LS7 style lifters
Heavier valve springs
Rocker arm trunion upgrade
Trick flow chromoly pushrods
Ported heads and new exhaust valves and it’s tuned
It’s a pretty good price with 117,000 miles
Would it be a good buy if all checks out with a pre purchase inspection. Thanks

Seems like a pretty good package to me. I don’t known what a trunion is, but if you have to have them, upgraded versions seem good. Seriously, it sounds like pretty good equipment to me. .

Agree, the parts seem pretty well thought out from a performance and reliabilty standpoint.

Any 11 year old car’s reliability depends on how well it was maintained. If this one checks out by a mechanic before you buy it, it should be a fun ride.

Maybe. Maybe not. After all, how on Earth can we say if something is a “good buy” if you don’t tell us how much it costs?


I would never buy a “modded car” esp. with that many miles. High performance parts usually trade power for longevity and nobody builds a car like that to drive it like a little old lady or even the average driver.


OP wants modded car with good price. Done.

It depends upon how much money they are asking for the car and how many passes it has made down the drag strip along with the reason for spending all of that money only to put it up for sale.

If I were looking at it the first step would be to connect a vacuum gauge and see what is going on both as to any abnormalities or the aggressiveness of the modifications.


It’s been my experience that most of the cars I see stalled on the side of the road tend to be “modded”.

Which always makes me wonder if the owner put more money into the “mods” than regular maintenance.

Either way… I too would avoid buying a heavily modified car.


buying a car with mods is a better deal if the mods were done by someone with the knowledge and experience to know what they were doing.
Mods done by a professional mod shop would be a much better buy than if I had be the one to do the tweaking. :rofl: :rofl:

A thorough prepurchase inspection by a competent mechanic should tell you whether this Camaro is a problem child or not. You might consider a speed shop for the inspection. They might even know the car already.

Hot cam, ported heads. So, it has long tube headers? No cats? Free flow exhaust? Better air in. Better air out? Or, stock exhaust?

A stock Camaro SS has 426 horsepower, liability insurance will be very expensive for anyone under 25 years of age.

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IMO it would be expensive for a 70 year old.