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Good book about drivers

I bought a book called “101 Annoying Things About Other Drivers.”

I thought it was a hilarious book.

Just curious, out of those 101 things, did you find some that you do?

No insult intended, just looking for humor because as you may know, 75% of drivers think they are “above average drivers”… :wink:

In another thread the OP said they drive 10 miles an hour under the speed limit. Maybe that is thing number 102.


Yeah, there are some I do.

I am working hard at whittling them down.

I have never had an at fault accident.

Been rear ended five times.

Once I was behind a car and the guy stopped in the middle of the street.

I did as well and then he backed up and hit me despite the honking of my horn.

And he had no insurance.

Maybe there’s a reason for that?? Going 10 under the speed limit comes to mind… :wink:

I was rear-ended once… by an insurance agent… in front of a police station…took 40 minutes to get a cop to fill out the report!

I later (much later) found out the brake and tail light filaments in one tail light were switched from the factory so the brake light on one side was dim and the other bright. The car had belonged to my grandfather who also got rear-ended once in the same car.


A clear case of cause & effect, I would say.


I’ve been rear-ended twice, once by a hit and run driver who was still driving on the previous owner’s plates. That took a while to settle even though I took his plate number and immediately reported it. The other time was by an auto parts delivery truck driver who was day-dreaming. Not a good way of drumming up business!

On other occasions, a bag lady stepped right in from of my car at a freeway entry ramp, a drunk stepped out in front of my car on Christmas Eve. Both were knocked down but otherwise unhurt.

Another encounter was a driver on my left deciding to make a right had turn in front of me into Macdonald’s.

I took a defensive driving course to try to anticipate any future encounters. So far so good.

I two have been rear ended twice. Both times I was stopped at a red-light.

In my 52 years of driving, I have been rear-ended once–also while stopped at a traffic light. Luckily, it was a very low speed collision and my Volvo’s recoverable bumper absorbed all of the impact. The woman who hit me wasn’t so lucky, and she had major damage to the front of her Buick.

I was rear ended last week. I was stopped at red light and got hit. Damage was not really noticeable, some indentations on the bumper cover, but weirdly the paint wasn’t even chipped. The gentleman that hit me offered to pay for the damages, he didn’t want to go through insurance. I called the police on the non-emergency number, an officer showed up and determined there wasn’t enough damage for a reportable accident, but he made a note of it happening, and had us exchange information. I went to three body shops for estimates. All three were within $40 of each other. The one that was decided on was for $657. That’s just to take the bumper cover off, repair the indentations and repaint it. The gentleman that hit me paid me via Western Union, which seemed a little shady, but my bank verified it as legit and deposited it. I take the car in next Monday, repairs will take 2 or 3 days. I could be jerk about it and go after him for diminished value (The car is just over 1 year old), but I plan on keeping it for a while. So it’s not a big deal to me.

What state do you live in. Never heard of anything like that. Where I’ve lived…if there’s an accident - even with no apparent damage - the police write a report…ALL THE TIME.

I live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The officer looked at the bumper of my car, said that there wasn’t enough damage for a reportable accident. The damage is very minor, it’s not visible unless you’re staring at it under the right lighting. You can feel the indentations more than you can see them.

My niece was in an accident years ago. Also rear ended. There was no visible damage. But it turned out there was almost $1000 in damage. The accident was just hard enough to break the 10mph rear bumper struts. Wasn’t visible until you took it to a mechanic to have a look (which her dad insisted on).

My speed had nothing to do with my rear endings.

The other drivers were not paying attention.

That is probably the number 1 cause of accidents.

States need to outlaw use of a cellphone by a driver.

Cell phone using drivers are more distracted than even drunk drivers.


My company required us to take their defensive driving courses.

So I did for 21 years.

Learned a lot that is not covered in courses for the general public.

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Agree 100%. It’s a problem that keeps getting worse as the years pass by.

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I learned to leave a space in front of me of at least one car length.

(When stopped.)

If I am rear ended, damage would be limited to the back of my car.

I am not picking on cell phone drivers.

Same with putting on makeup, eating,

I was thinking about the funniest thing I ever saw while driving.

It would probably be a driver who was doing about 50 mph on 4 rims with no tires.

Looked like sparklers on all four wheels. :slight_smile:

Imagine the nerve of drivers, expecting someone to look out the front window of his car for cars going ten miles an hour slower, and to be ready to take evasive action. Some people are really low lifes!

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Sounds like you are a speeder ? :slight_smile: