Good body shop in Somerville/Cambridge

Can anyone recommend a good body shop in Somerville/Cambridge, MA? I have used Unlimited Auto Body before, but was wondering others thought of them and/or could recommend another one. I could not find Unlimited Auto Body when I searched for mechanices at Does mechanics search only offer mechancis and not body shops?

I don’t remember seeing any body shops listed in mechanics files. I found my favorite body shops by talking to my insurance agent and friends. I asked my insurance agent because at the time, my feeling was that he would know who was easy to work with in town and who wasn’t, since he also had to handle some parts of the claims process. When we had an accident while on vacation in Florida and wlater, when we had one in Milwaukee, the recommendations from the agent or claims adjuster was spot-on. In Florida, the agent recommended a shop that did extremely timely, good quality work. In Milwaukee, we found out we could not get the car fixed, given the time we were in town, but the body shop went ahead and make the car trunk accessible and made sure the car was driveable back home at no charge to us or the insurance company.

In the absence of other recommendations, groups of body shops like Carstar, provide a nationwide guarantee and some level of quality control over the shops using their branding concept. That could also help you find someone you can trust. The shop in Milwaukee that helped us out at no charge was a Carstar affiliate.

awesome. thanks so mucch!

When I lived in boston (25 years ago) the best in town was Dick’s Auto Body:

The were not cheap and there was a considerable wait to have work done. I don’t know anything recent, you may want to research them a little.