Golf MK6 fog light issua

I just got my reverse camera issue resolved, but today when my car was in inspection the inspector pointed out this:

When the tail fog lights are turned on, the drivers side white light (actually reverse light?) is turned on. He said that the fog light should be red and there is something wrong.

In the right side (passenger side) the same kind of white light is turned on when i go reverse.

Any tips here, or should i just again to the repair shop?!

Picture shows the light:


You should not have any fog lights in the rear! The white light is your reverse light.

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Yes , because you don’t have fog lights in the rear . Those may just be running or parking lights and it appears your backup lights are on when they should not be.

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Rear fog lights are required in some countries.


This Golf has fog light front and rear. I just dont know if the rear should have red or white. The inspector said that the fog light should be red in this country. He didnt seem to be very skilled though…

I searched the interned and found that there seems to be white fog lights and red ones as well. Just don`t know if mine has a fault or not :expressionless:

Some European cars have one or two high-intensity tail lights that are intended to be more visible in foggy conditions.

Rear Fog Lights for Driving in the USA? What are They? | Advanced Drivers of North America

The rear fog lights are red, you have something wired incorrectly.

Here is a video that i found:

at 0:16 it seem the same as mine…same light is on when fog lights are turned.

Also i found that there is only one reverse light and that is the one right…so the left one has to be the fog light?

So annoying…i think that i have never used those anyway and don`t know what they should look like.

That ia interesting, and somewhat bizarre,

It is not something that US makes feature, but I don’t consider this European safety enhancement to be “bizarre”.
You may wish to differ.

Shouldn’t the manual indicate if this vehicle has 1 or 2 rear red fog lights ? Also @Sikomaster this question will have a better chance of an answer on a European VW Forum or a trip to the repair shop you used for your other problem .


I try to found out this from the manual. Thanks for the help, i have put this question in many forums but this one is the only one that has any replies!

The shop that wired your camera screwed up. Take it back there.

The white lights are reverse lights. The rear fog light is edit: ONE or TWO bright rear RED lights and only red. Seems the law changed and allows 2. My Audi has 2.

They are legal in the US. European cars commonly have them… my old Saab did, my Audi does now. Rear facing white lights are only legal for backup lights.

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But how you explane that this is similar in the youtube video that i linked?

I think that it’s different with new led lights and old lights. Also the inspector didn’t seem to know how this should be…

Also i know that the light should be red, but this is seems to be same in every Golf.

Maybe i need to contact Vw shop here and ask this.

I won’t even try to explain. I can’t because I don’t know the source. Legally, the white rear facing light should only be a backup light and not a fog light, brake light or signal light. Amber signal lights are used most everywhere but the US. The US requires they be red.

Since the video car wears Florida license plates…and you could register a 90 gallon Igloo cooler here with a Briggs and Stratton engine powering it for road use… no telling where that VW originally came from.


Ok, i try to ask this from the local Vw this week and also contact my repair shop. They didn’t do anything else but change the fuse.

I believe that you should have a red bulb on the left side.
In the discussion below they mention that some have a red lens for the fog light and some have a white lens with a red bulb.

Well this would make sense…I did some searching again from the cars that are in sales here in Finland and found that the older tale lights have a red spot where the fog light is. Newer led tale light are still looking like mine (I post a photo).

I try to google if i find any red bulb that could fit to that place

Today i went to shopping and found a red bulb that fitted my fog light spot. Now its red and im done with this repair! Thank you for all the help, you are the best!