Fog lights

HI, was wondering when I hook my fog lights up to my 03 cavalier do I need to install a switch or do they come on automatically with the headlights


If these are aftermarket fog lights and not OEM, you’ll probably have to install a complete electrical circuit for the fog lights along with a switch and a fuse.

Also check your local laws for fog light operation.

Where I’m at, the fog lights can’t be turned on unless it’s foggy.


Fog lights should be on their own fuse and relay. Don’t run power through the switch directly, it will likely burn out the switch rather quickly. Also fog lights need to be turned OFF when the high beams turn on. OEM foglights do, not sure if that’s a regulation for aftermarket lights or not.

Several Years Ago, I Installed A Set Of Remote Controlled Fog Lights, Pilot I Believe. I Can’t Imagine There Would Have Been An Easier Installation.

I’ve done this, and I recommend stopping by the dealer and requesting from the parts guy the GM installation procedure for dealer-installed fog lights for your car and the wiring diagram. It’s extremely likely that the harness already incorporates the plug in for the lights, and if you can find that (it should be in the procedure) and are willing to purchase the switch, relay, and possibly a small wiring harness for the switch and relay, the installation will go really easy and the lights should automatically go off when the headlights are turned off.

When installing after marked fog and driving lights…you get to pick which circuit you tap.
I prefer the independent circuit so that I can choose when to , and not to have them on.

I know in Virginia, the fogs can only operate if the low beams are on. If they can be turned on without the low beams being on or with the highs on you could fail (depending on if the inspector catches it) the state safety inspection.

Interesting information. I used the OEM circuitry to install my driving lights and found that they automatically go off when I turn the high beams on. I wonder of NH has a similar law.

Hmm… TSM very interesting. In Virginia driving lights must be tied to high beams, in the same manner the fogs are tied to the lows. And in addition there can never be more than 4 lights lit at the same time. 2lows+2fogs, 2highs+2 lows. 2highs+2 driving. Period. No other combinations. At least that’s the way I read the statutes. But I have been wrong before.

Mine fit that description. When the high beams are illuminated, the lows & highs are on together, and the driving lights off. When the high beams are turned off, the lows and the driving lights are on together.

I should clarify that the circuitry is the same whether installing fog lights or driving lights. The difference is in the lights themselves. The beam pattern is different and the fogs are yellow. I opted to install driving lights instead of fogs, because I was after greater range, more focused, and white light. It should be noted that my problem seeing at night disappeared after I had my cataract surgery. The driving lights do, however, make a big difference on those dark, rainy nights.

Some guy on a Chevy forum tried to install fog lights on his truck. They plugged right into the oem harness, but did not work. He had to pay the dealer a $100 to get them turned on via the BCM.

On my 02 Camry fog light install was so easy I couldn’t believe it. Got the bumper cover with the fog light cut out, and OEM replacement fogs from ebay. The fog light connectors were already there taped to a bumper support. Got the correct turn signal stalk with fog light switch, replaced the old one, and I had fogs that worked correctly.