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2001 vw jetta

I recently noticed while changing my passenger side headlight bulb, 3 lights located in the headlight assembly. 1 is my low/high beams bulb that I replaced. the 2nd is the turn signal indicator light and the 3rd is a projection light. Is the projection my fog lights? I do not have a fog light switch in my car. I do notice that when I flash my lights during the day or night for passing or to get someone’s attention that these light come on. I also noticed these projection lights do not come on during my low or high beams are on. my second question is if I installed a new light switch that was also made for fog lights would these projection lights work as fog lights?

Have you tried pulling your headlight switch knob after turning it to the headlights on position?

Most German cars require you to pull the headlight switch one notch in order to get the fog lights to turn on.

Porsche, Audi, VW, Mercedes are all examples of these.


Likely it is a fog light switch. You may need a new switch (almost sure the 2001 year needed it). It is a simple pull out the old one and slid in the new one.

I tried pulling out the switch and it will not. What is so funny is when I bought the car (used) in 2002. I was told originally that it did not have fog lights. Okay, then what are those 2 tiny projection lights on bottom right facing side under the turn signal inductor lights? why do they only come on when I pull back on the turn signal arm. so is wired for fogs and I just need change out the switch? the switch I have now only shows 2 positions( on and off).

Just to be make sure, you’re certain it’s not the high beam? The main bulb has 2 filaments and gives you both low and high?

I changed my passenger side bulb today (9700 model). I then checked to see if it worked during daylight mode, low beam mode and high beam mode and I noticed the projector lights did not come on. but they did come no when I pulled the turn signal arm back.