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Golf mk3

hi can anyone help me please,i want to fix my car i bought last week,golf mk3 8v, the head gasket is leaking antifreeze coolant, i check the dipstick is clean,but i can see blue smoke from the exhaust, can anyone tell me is the pistons are gone is well,or is it just the head gasket that is gone?thanks

How many miles on your GTI?

Blue smoke indicates oil being burned. This may be a separate issue from the leaking head gasket. Is the head gasket leaking coolant externally or internally? Do you have any idea how much oil is being burned or how much coolant is being lost?

wel i buought the car 2 weeks ago there wasnt much oil, OIL was on minimum, i topped it up to maximum, it doesnt really show its burning,when i look at the dipstick it doesnt show any oil decreasing in this 2 weeks i realised yesterday, but i do get blue smoke, its leaking from the gasket externally where the water flange is on the right hand side of the head, all i see is green water leaking what would u recommend?

the miles on the car 124,00