Golf Cart MIA

I work at a large manufacuring plant and have a golf cart to get from my office to areas of the mill. I’ve had 2 steel cables and heavy duty locks cut off by guys who decide they should be able to use it but don’t want to actually ask. Is there a spark plug or something that I could easily pull out at the end of day and stick back in when I need it?

How about adding a fuel shut off. He will not know where it is located.

Frankly I think wiring a cherry bomb to it would be a very good reminder or park it under a security camera.

If they are willing and able to defeat locks and cables, I sorta doubt a simple solution is going to work. When I was in college, the campus cops used those things, they had a tendency to end up at the bottom of the local lake no mater what they did.

fuel shut off is a good idea; if they get in and it doesn’t start they’ll go looking for someone elses cart; these are guys who don’t have one of their own because they don’t really need it. They can walk to where they need to go. Lazy guys with tools, a lock is easy to cut off but they won’t go looking for something to fix. Thnx.

You could always just disconnect the battery cable, or remove the battery when you’re done using the cart.

They are committing theft, and vandalism. Take this matter to a company officer and let the company officers deal with it.

Impractical…you must not work in a manufacturing industry.
I don’t know who’s doing it and there’s no way to find out except by accident. Besides, while annoying to me and to other people to whom it happens it doesn’t affect production or anything that would warrant taking it to top management.

That’s a good idea too, especially if it isn’t readily apparent that the cable is off.

If it’s not enough of a problem to take to a company officer, why bring the problem here? After all, it’s a company problem, dealing (negatively) with company operation.

LOL, if you ever spend time in a manufacturing/construction environment, this kind of stuff happens constantly. People steal each others stuff, things get sabotaged, etc. There are not enough hours in the day for management to deal with all this BS, it just gets worked out “informally.” If they know it bugs someone enough to complain, it will probably happen even more.

Imagine a bunch of 300 pound junior high school students with power tools. (-;