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Going to rain after windshield replacemen

I just replaced my windshield today but stupidly forgot it was going to rain
tomorrow. I was told to leave two windows cracked for 48 hours. I would rather
not put a garbage bag there do to heavy rains and the risk of getting broken
into because its obvious my window is down. Would i be ok rolling my windows
up over night? And while i am not driving tomorrow due to rain?

Why are you not asking the place that put the windshield in ? It seems they would know more about it.

It will be ok as long as you open the window before you close the door. Get in, open window, close door. To get out, open door with window closed and very gently close door. Use your hip to finish latching it.


Have the HVAC set to vent.

After 24 hours, just close it slowly.