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Godmothers tires

hey guys earlier today i recieved a call from my godmother and she said that her 2 left tires were flat and she wanted me to help her get them fixed tomorrow. on my home i drove by to get a look and those tires looked as if theyd been flat for months then again the ground was wet but still my guess is that someone lett all the air out or slashed them

my main solution though since they have been like this since around 4pm is when she noticed. that the sidewalls are done for anyway and that i should just have her replace them. am i correct?

No, not correct. Beg, borrow or buy a small compressor and try to pump them up before you condemn them…

Even if the tires hold air and even if they appear normal, total loss of air pressure with the car’s weight on the collapsed tires for many hours could have caused major internal damage to the sidewalls of the tires. The only way that you would find out for sure if there was major internal damage to the sidewalls is when the tires blow out at high speed, and this would not be a good situation for her to experience.

Even if there is no evidence of external damage, I would suggest erring on the side of caution by replacing those tires.

ya thats what i was thinking ill have them inflated and if they hold ill send her to walmart