Low Tire Pressure

Approximately how long would it take for the sidewalls of a <1 yr old tire on a Toyota Corolla driven in Florida during the summer filled at approximately 20-25 lbs to wear out causing a flat? I am curious to know if this could happen within one week.

20-25 psi is WAY too low. I’ll bet $50 dollars the sticker on the door frame recommends something in the 30+ psi range.

Having said that, the tires should not have worn out in less than a year (you didn’t tell us the mileage), even if you didn’t inflate them to the correct pressure, which you obviously did not.

There’s more to this story than you’re telling us. Please elaborate.

Its an 06 Corolla and at the time of this incident (June 07) had all of the original tires. Not sure what the mileage was at the time, maybe around 20,000 miles. It was being serviced by Wal-Mart Oil Lube (first mistake I know) every 3 months. My front passenger tire went flat on the interstate only a week after Wal-Mart had serviced my car and I found out that all of my tires were filled at 20-25 lbs and the one that went flat was from improper tire inflation. I do admit that I should have double checked the pressure before my trip, however they should have done what I paid them to do as well.

First of all, I’m glad no one was hurt.

Under-inflation is one of the most common causes of tire failure.

If you can document the tire pressures, I suggest you go back to Wal-Mart and seek recompense.

Then I suggest you find an independent mechanic to help you maintain your car. Wal-Mart is, perhaps, not your best alternative.

How, exactly, did it go flat?