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GM's new 4.5l diesel motor delay

When can I get a new 1/2 ton pickup with a diesel? I would buy if they would make something I wanted or needed.

Real soon now:

Not a bad idea on paper, bur the real question will be; how much will it cost? Currently in 3/4 and one ton pickups,the diesel option raises the price by $6k-8k. Even with a 25% increase in fuel economy it would take a long time to recoup the intial cost of the diesel.

I don’t know about existing diesels, but the new diesel described in the link above has been shelved indefinitely.

Didn’t the diesel pickup have a sort of status element to it even though if you looked at the numbers like Fo Daddy did you can’t justify one.

Producing a model so equipped simply to satisfy a fad may make good business sense but it doesn’t change the numbers that say you are not saving anything.

You may be refering to the 4.4L “baby” Powerstroke that Ford had been developing a few years ago. That one was shelved indefinately. The GM diesel has not been shelved as far as I know.

According to Motor Trend (and other reports I’ve read), the GM diesel is shelved:

Also reported here: