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GM's Bankrupcy 2009 - Interesting Queries

When account is taken of:

(1) General Motors’ share of Consumer Reports’ worst-car list dipped from 43% in 1992 to 41% in 2010,

(2) At this rate of dipping, GM’s quality will match that of the industry’s leaders, Honda and Toyota, in about 400 years,

(3) For more than a quarter of a century, Consumer Reports has been reporting on GM’s diminutive reliability,

The interesting questions are:

(1) Why wasn’t GM’s 2009 bankruptcy its 4th or 5th rather than its first?

(2) Why has the U.S. consumer taken so long to cut GM’s market share to 19%?

Equally interesting:
(1) Why do you always assume these queries are interesting and name them as such?
(2) Why the constant GM bashing, thinly veiled as intellectual discussion?