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GM's Bailout of 2008-2009: A Query

When account is taken of:

(1) General Motors had a 2009 Car Reliability GPA of 1.43, a D by letter grade and 15 among auto manufacturers with significant U.S. sales,

(2) GM’s reliability standing had fallen from 9th of 12 in 1988 to 11th of 12 in 2009, as Ford Motor Company’s had risen from 11th in 1988 to 8th in 2009,

(3) The auto production capacity of 2009 far exceeded demand and Ford had been forced to downsize in the 2000s, and

(4) GM’s U.S. new car market share had dwindled to a modest 22%,

Did the bailout of GM accomplish anything more than:

(1) Deny employment of laid-off Ford employees,

(2) Punish Ford for 2 decades of quality improvement,

(3) Saddle the unsuspecting consumer with low quality automobiles?

Yes, it did.