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GM's Bankrupcy 2009 - Interesting Queries

When account is taken of:

(1) General Motors’ share of Consumer Reports’ worst-car list has declined only 2 percentage points from 1992 to 2010 (from 43% to 41%),

(2) At this rate of improvement the reliability of GM’s fleet of vehicles at the lower end of the spectrum will match that of the industry’s leaders, Honda and Toyota, in about 400 years,

(3) Consumer Reports has been prominently reporting GM’s diminutive quality for well in excess of a quarter of a century,

The interesting questions are:

(1) Why wasn’t GM’s 2009 bankruptcy its 4th or 5th rather than its first?

(2) Why has it taken so long for the U.S. consumer to cut GM’s market share to 19%?