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GMC Yukon Air Cond

Help! My A/C wasn’t working (blowing hot air instead of cold), so I had some repairs done. First I was told it was some sort of bracket, replaced that. Then the guy told me it was the compressor, replaced that. About $1K later, he returned the vehicle to me, and the A/C worked about one hour, and even then wasn’t super cold. I have since had the freon level checked and there are no leaks, everything seems to be OK, it just doesn’t cool. Contacted a dealer repair, they said they will just have to replace one part at a time until they find the problem - this could run into a lot of money. Can’t afford to go this route - can anyone help?


We need the model year

What sort of bracket was replaced?

We also need a lot more information. Did the AC suddenly stop working, or did it gradually get worse?

For what it’s worth, I have a hard time believing a dealer would tell you “they will just have to replace one part at a time until they find the problem”

That is the kind of answer you’d expect from an inexperienced and/or incompetent shop

Does the compressor even engage?

What does the condenser look like . . . clean or caked with mud and debris?

Are any of the ac hoses and lines obviously greasy and/or leaking?

It’s a 2002 Yukon, not sure but I believe it was the bracket for the compressor. AC started making a loud, horrible noise one day and blowing hot air. The dealer stated this was not something a computer diagnostic could home in on, and so they would have to replace one part at a time. If I turn on A/C, air is hot. Heater works fine. A second mechanic tested Freon, and checked for leaks and was unable to find the problem, I believe that person would have noticed a dirty condenser.


Please look at your records before answering this next question

Did your ac compressor fail catastrophically . . . in other words, did it break apart internally, sending metal debris into the system?

I will bet the drier was not replaced and also the system was not flushed. Seen this to many times. When I had my body shop we also did AC work. I had the best AC guy around. He always said if you open up the system it gets flushed and a new drier.