GMC Sonoma - Warning Lights - Brakes/ABS

I drive a 2000 GMC Sonoma truck with manual transmission and 153000+ miles. I generally use it for a ~30 mile each way daily highway commute. Yesterday I was transporting a load mostly consisting of decorative stone (12 50-80 lb bags) from the Homme Improvement store when the ABS and Brake lights came on but there was no noticeable loss of braking functions, though it was more sluggish relative to the more significant load. When I started the vehicle this morning after checking that there was no shortage of brake fluid the warmings did not appear. This is the second instance of this warning and disappearing. Is this indicative of a mechanical brake system problem I should get looked at or an electrical problem related to the vehicle “aligment” when carrying a load?

It may sound rather common but you must make sure that the sensor system is not justdoing its job.Check ABS module for history codes. I have seen the abs light on when the fault was a charging system issue.I would not move fast on this as it does not come back but I am always up for visual inspections and history code reading and check for TSB’s.

that aligns with my approach, just never know why the total scope. Apprieciate the response