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GMC Sierra 1500

Does anyone know if a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Tailgate will fit on a 2000 GMC Sierra?

If it’s a Sierra CLASSIC yes, new style Sierra, no. This was the body style change year.

By looking at pictures on google it looks to be the same.
But just go to a dealer and ask.

How would we know if it’s a Classic??? It doesn’t say anywhere???

Try it on the truck and let us know. That’s the best way I know to find out, and it takes less than 30 seconds.

If the tailgate from your picture is from an '07, it’s a Classic–this was right at the model change to the new/current redesign. The earlier redesign was for the '99 model year, IF it was the half ton truck…the older style persisted for another year in the heavy duty trucks. So, if it’s a Sierra 1500, it should fit, but Mark’s right–there’s a very easy way to see if it works or not, assuming the tailgate and the truck in question are in the same location.

By the way, both trucks are fleetsides right? They were still making a stepside then with a narrower bed and tailgate.

Trying it on the truck was the obvious answer, :slight_smile: but because I’m selling the tailgate on Craigslist, finding out first would of been a better way to go. So I thought I would ask you people since you have been such a great help in the past with all my other car questions. And you still have helped, its enough for me to tell the perspective buyer & he is now going to come out & do just that. So thank you for helping me make the sale, Maybe? I will let you know… :slight_smile:

Well the guy came out this morning & tried on the Tailgate & “IT FIT”… So we made the sale! Thank you everyone for you help, much appreciated.