GMC maintain/upgrade

I recently got a 97’ GMC k1500 and she has reached my sentimental side. I’d like to give her an upgrade in both the air intake and the entire exhaust system. What’s the best way to go about this

What are you trying to accomplish? Added power? A more masculine sound?

Don’t forget to add new heads to accommodate your new larger valves and a more aggressive camshaft. That will really get the engine breathing.

To really be able to say “Hey this truck has some ommph! now” your mods would probably have to add 100/125 hp. This amount of hp gain could cost $2000.00 or more.

How about some nice tires and a bed liner?

I’m not really looking to race it or prove anything, but a more enjoyable drive and just well conditioned vehicle. I figure if i’m gonna do replacements, i’ll put a little into quality/performance parts. The goal i guess is to not waste money, so i’m asking those with more experience. This idea all comes from, (and i know this sounds stupid) but to please my truck for the years of neglect.

As far as an engine rebuild, I have the mechanical savvy, but not the auto mechanic savvy, and definitely not the time. Thats probably 8 mos to a year from now. Intake is what? a couple hundred and easy to install. Exhuast is after that, and yes for sound (nothing crazy, just better than stock) and a little oomph.

Figure that truck will probably need a transmission or AC compressor sometime soon,you may want to think of those items.

transmission rebuilt last year, aamco i think.

Don’t put an aftermarket exhaust system on it unless the pipes are made of stainless, or it won’t last long. Muffler too. To improve the intake system, change the air filter to a new one every 15,000 miles. To improve the systems looks, pick any aftermarket intake system, it costs very little for that kind of artwork. Do something really good and get a new radiator; it may be about time for one. Brake rotors are inexpensive too, if you change them yourself.